What You Need

Initial Setup

  1. Open POS and login.

  2. Connect your printer
    - If ethernet, place your printer and POS on the same network. (Device Guide).
    - If bluetooth, connect to bluetooth device in iPad settings. (Device Guide).
    - if USB, connect the iPad to the printer via USB.

  3. Run through the configuration tasks below to ensure setup is perfect.


  1.  Click the menu.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Hardware.

4. Click add hardware.

5. Click Star Micronics Printer.

6. Click Other. 

7. Type in relevant address.

8. Test to see if printer is connected.

9. Name the printer.

Further instructions.

  1. Click the menu and then settings.

  2. Click Hardware

  3. Click Add New Hardware

  4. Choose Star Micronics Printer (See compatible printers).

  5. Configure:
    - Choose Hardware - Either click a printer in the list or click other and provide address (prefix tcp: for network IP, BT: for bluetooth).
    - Name - An easy to remember name for your printer connected hardware.
    - Bill - Turn this on to send all bills to the printer.
    - Cash Drawer - Turn this on if the cash drawer is connected to this printer.
    - Order - Turn this on to send all orders to the printer.
    - Receipt - Turn this on to send all receipts to the printer.
    - Report - Turn this on to send all reports (X/Z/Daily) to the printer.
    - Order Backup - Turn this on to send all order backups to the printer.
    - Products - Choose the products you wish to send to this KDS.
    - Categories - Choose the categories you wish to send to this KDS.
    - Portable 2" - Choose this if you are configuring a smaller receipt printer like MPOP.

  6. For additional settings, click back to the Hardware menu and modify the following:
    - Show Company Number - Toggle this to show the company number on prints.
    - Show Tax Number - Toggle this to show the tax number on prints.
    - Service Charge - Set this to a percentage above 0.0% to place a suggested service charge on prints. Choose 0.0% to hide the service charge.

  7. Optionally, you can plug in your RJ11 compatible cash drawer into the Star printer.

  8. You are done.

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