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Configuring Account Details
Configuring Account Details

Change the name, email, username of a user/employee/staff member from within the Shopwave Admin.

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What You Need

  • An internet enabled device, with access to a modern browser.

  • A Shopwave owner/manager account (How?).

Initial Setup

  1. Open Admin and login with the account you wish to change.

  2. If the account is not able to access login then try logging into the secure accounts area instead.

  3. Run through the configuration tasks below to change details.

Configuration Tasks

  1. Click Your name in the top right of the page

  2. Click Profile

  3. Fill in all fields as required:
    - First Name - The User's first name.
    - Last Name - The User's last name.
    - Email - The User's email.
    - Username - A quick / short username you can use to login with.

  4. Enter your password to confirm the change in the current password field.

  5. You are done.

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