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Getting Started with Shopwave Admin
Getting Started with Shopwave Admin

How to get started with your first Shopwave Merchant Admin account.

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What You Need

  • An internet enabled device, with access to a modern browser.

  • An amazing business idea or thriving shop / store.

Initial Setup

  1. Choose an email and password for your new account.

  2. Run through the configuration tasks below to change details.

Configuration Tasks

  1. Fill out information about your business so that we can review and setup your account, including:
    - First Name - Your first name,
    - Last Name - Your last name,
    - Phone Number - Your phone number,
    - Business Name - The name of your business.

  2. Tell us about your first store (this can be a demo store if you haven't opened yet). This is all information that will eventually be visible to customers of your business:
    - Address Line 1/2/3 - The street address of your store.
    - City - The city of your store.
    - Postcode - The postcode of your store.
    - Phone Number - The phone number of your store.

  3. You are done.

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