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Setup Products in Shopwave Web Admin
Setup Products in Shopwave Web Admin

How to setup products within Shopwave Web Admin

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What You Need

  • An internet enabled device, with access to a modern browser.

  • The Shopwave owner/manager account configured using our getting started guide.

Getting Started

  • Login to your Shopwave owner/manager account. 

  • Click on 'Products'. 

  • Click on '+New' button on the top left side of the screen. 

  • Fill in each field as necessary: product name, details/description, upload an image. 

  • Enter a price inclusive of VAT.

  • Select a VAT percentage - this won't affect the price.

  • Once you have finished making changes to your product list, click on  'Save' on the bottom right hand side of the page. 

Important - Changes made to products on the online dashboard will not appear in the Shopwave app until you select 'Refresh Products and Categories' in the 'Utilities' section of the Shopwave App Settings.

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