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Creating Table Plans
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If you have a restaurant or cafe with multiple tables and you want to assign orders to each table in your store, then you will need to create a table plan in the Shopwave POS app. To do this, follow this step-by-step guide.

Enabling Table Management

1. Launch the Shopwave POS app on your iPad.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Scroll down in the Application menu, and under the Layout section, select the option to 'Enable Table Management'

4. Once you have enabled this option, come out of Settings and select your basket. You will then be given the option to configure your table plan.

Setting up table plans - adding tables

Here, you can add tables of varying sizes to reflect the number of customers at each table.

If you press and hold each table, you can then drag them around the page to arrange them as they would appear in the store.

Your table plan is then set up, and you are ready to go, and you can assign each basket to the requisite table.

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