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Modifiers can be associated with products so that when you add a product to a basket, a selection of add ons or options can be applied to it.

Modifiers can be:

FORCED - The modifier must be selected in order to sell the product

OPTIONAL - The modifier does not have to be selected.

Modifers can also be PAID, FREE or applied by default when you select them.

To add a modifier to a product, select the product from your online admin dashboard. At the bottom of the product edit page is the modifiers section, select the '+' icon to add.

In the first 'Name' field, type the name for the modifier group you want to add. For example 'Topping'.

Select a minimum quantity - If you select 0, this modifier group will be optional, you will be allowed to add the main product to the basket without adding a topping. If you select a number higher than 0, you will be required to add this quantity of modifiers within this group before you can sell the product.

Select a maximum quantity - No more than the number specified here can be added to the product when selling it. If more are selected, the product will not be added to the basket and you will be prompted to amend the quantity selected.

Type the name of the product - it will auto fill from your existing menu products or add a new product as necessary.

Type the name you wish to appear for this modifier in the Shopwave app - This may be the same name or perhaps a shortened name.

If you enter a default quantity, this modifier will be added to the product automatically when you add it to the basket.

Enter a price and tax amount that the modifier will sell at.

Select 'Save' to enter.

The modifier will now appear at the bottom of the product page. Refresh products and categories in the Shopwave iOS app settings to see the changes reflected in your Shopwave app. Add the product to the basket to see modifier options. If the modifier you have set up is optional, tap the product in the basket to see modifier options:

Tap the modifier to add it to the product. Tap Done to exit the modifier options screen.

Tap reset on the modifier options screen to remove the modifier.

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