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Offline App Functionality
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Shopwave will continue to function when you lose your internet connection.

You may notice a red bar at the top of the screen. This indicates that you are in offline mode. When the connection is restored this will disappear.

You may notice certain features that you cannot access whilst in offline mode. Loyalty for example is disabled as the app is unable to look up your customer's details and how many points they have accumulated.

Further functionality disabled when offline includes:

Applying basket promotions (you can still edit prices of individual products added to the basket)

Editing your menu - changing product and category details

Syncing baskets to the cloud - further explanation below.

In your basket history, accessible by going to Settings > Baskets you will notice that whilst offline your baskets are unable to be uploaded to your dashboard. This means that your reporting may not be accurate if you have made transactions whilst offline. Unsynced baskets are labelled and appear in red:

The Shopwave app stores these baskets locally and intelligently uploads them when the connection is restored:

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