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Ethernet Printers - Troubleshooting
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The following should help if you have trouble getting your ethernet printer working.

Plug in your printer, load with paper, switch on and connect an ethernet cable from the printer to your router. The printer will obtain an I.P address from your router. To see if it has obtained an I.P successfully, run a self test. (DHCP on your router must be enabled in order for the printer to obtain an I.P. Enable this on your router firmware if it has not been enabled already)

To do a self test, turn the printer off via the switch at the side, then hold the feed button on the front while turning it back on.

A 2 part report will print out. At the bottom of the second part, it should say I.P Address followed by a series of numbers. If the numbers are all 0's it is not obtaining an I.P. If it shows other numbers then it has successfully obtained an I.P.

Make sure the iPad is connected to the same router as the printer.

Go to the settings page within the Shopwave app.

Select the task 'Bill Printer'. It will now search for available printers. If it finds one, the printer I.P address will be displayed and you can select it and then press the "<Printing" button at the top. Repeat this for each printing task to set the correct printer for each task.

If the printer is not automatically found, tap 'other' then type "TCP:" followed by the I.P address from the printed report. So you now have something similar to TCP:

Press Done. Press the "<Printing" button at the top. You have now set that printer for that task.
Now close the settings page (top left) and then press the green tick at the top right to get back to your menu.

Add a product to the basket. Tap the icon with three lines at the top right, then tap 'Print Bill'.

If this works you need to set every task in the printing settings to the same I.P address and everything will now function correctly.

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