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Promotions can be added to your merchant account by accessing your Admin Dashboard account at Once you have logged in with your credentials, navigate to 'Promotions', then 'add' to add a new promotion.

General Options

A promotion can apply to a select number of stores for a specific set of days over a given time period. Many promotions can be added and exist together side by side.


This specifies if the promotion in question is going to be able to be applied automatically at checkout. If not, then the merchant will have to select it manually in order to apply it at the point of sale.

Available Types

When building a promotion you are able to choose a type, which will define how the promotion is activated over the products in a basket.

Meal Deal

This allows you to offer discounts to products when grouped together and purchased at once. An example of this is when going to buy a main, side, and drink and consequently leading to a "meal deal" specialised price. Create a new line for each product group and provide a quantity and total price.


This is perfect when you would like to offer a "3 for 2" style promotion. Simply choose a selection of applicable products and the values for "3" and "2" respectively.


This is the simplest, where you are offering a percentage discount over the listed matching products or categories. List these in the boxes provided and choose a percentage.

Removing / Expiring Promotions

Once you have logged into the Admin Dashboard with your credentials, navigate to 'Promotions' to see a list of your current promotions.

Once here, find the promotion you would like to expire and click to edit. Then modify the expiry date to a past time to expire the promotion. Click 'save' and you are done.

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