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Setup Price Tags on POS
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Warning! Please ensure you have completed the following before reading this article:

  1. Read our Intro to Price Tags article.

  2. Have your Price Tags configured on Shopwave Admin.

  3. Have downloaded the Shopwave POS app.

Okay, so as you're now aware Price Tags are our method for tracking multiple price variations across our ecosystem. They allow your POS to switch between multiple configurations, where you may wish to display a different price, tax rate, display name or active status.

To locate your Pricing configuration on Shopwave POS:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Then to Application

  3. Under Layout, find Pages

  4. Then find Basket Build

  5. Locate Product Selection and then Pricing

  6. Use the '+' to add your first Pricing Variation

When setting up a pricing variation, you will first have 3 options;

  • Default - If enabled, this variation would be selected automatically ahead of any other variations.

  • Symbol - This allows you to add a symbol for this variation. Find the symbol code on Font Awesome.

  • Title - This is used to identify different variations. If added, it will display in the POS, KDS, reporting and on receipts.

Once the initial settings are configured you need to enable your tag(s). Locate the tag(s) you want to include and use the toggle switch to enable them. Repeat this process for all of your POS variations.
If you're are still struggling with Price Tags please get in touch for a free tutorial at

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