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Connect Dojo To Shopwave Point Of Sale
Connect Dojo To Shopwave Point Of Sale

How to integrate & use Dojo to process your Shopwave card transactions.

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What You Need

  • An Apple iPad (Compatible iPads).

  • The Shopwave iPad Point of Sale (POS) application installed (How?).

  • A Shopwave owner/manager account (How?).

  • A Dojo Account & Payment Terminal

Initial Setup

  1. Open Shopwave POS and login.

  2. Switch on your Dojo payment terminal and connect it to your wifi network.

  3. Run through the configuration tasks below to complete setup.

Configuration Tasks

  1. Click the menu and then settings.

  2. Click Payments

  3. Choose Dojo

  4. Enter your Host URL (Add first portion before the '.'), API Key and select Refresh Terminals. If you do not know these, please ask your Dojo account manager.

  5. Select the Dojo Payment Terminal you would like to sync to your Shopwave Device.

  6. You are done!

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