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Shopwave iPad Self-Serve
Getting Started With Shopwave Self Serve
Getting Started With Shopwave Self Serve

How to setup and get started with cashless customer facing self serve on iPad.

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What You Need

  • An Apple iPad (Compatible iPads).

  • The Shopwave iPad Point of Sale (POS) application installed (How?).

  • A Shopwave owner/manager account (How?).

  • A Shopwave guest account.

  • An amazing business idea or thriving shop / store.

Initial Setup

  1. Open the Shopwave POS app on your iPad.

  2. Login with your owner/manager account.

  3. Run through the configuration tasks below to ensure your self serve setup is perfect.

  4. Logout.

  5. Login with your guest account.

  6. You are good to get started selling.

Configuration Tasks

Your self serve can be customised to work in a variety of ways. Change any of the following to perfect the setup for your store. To configure your self-serve, you must be logged in with the original owner/manager account and not the guest account.


  1. Choose Your Store (How?).

  2. Configure Branding (How?).

  3. Configure Loyalty (How?).

  4. Configure Messages (How?).

  5. Configure Timeouts (How?).

  6. Configure Currency (How?).


  1. Connect Kitchen Display (How?).

  2. Connect Star Micronics Printer (How?).

  3. Connect Payments (How?).

  4. Choose iPad Case (Bouncepad).

Operating System

  1. Configure Guided Access (How?).

  2. Disable Auto-Lock (How?).

  3. Disable Cover Lock/Unlock (How?).

  4. Connect Bluetooth Devices (How?).

  5. Disable Auto-Updates (How?).

  6. Setup Language (How?).

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