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Shopwave iPad Point of Sale
Shopwave iPad Point of Sale

Setup, configure, connect your iPad to work as a point of sale unit in your store / shop.

Getting Started With Shopwave Point Of Sale
Logging into Shopwave on an iPad for the 1st time
Setup Products For Shopwave Point of Sale
Daily Operations For Shopwave Point Of Sale
Accessing Shopwave settings
Checkout Procedure
How To Take Payment and Process Refunds With Shopwave Point of Sale
Card Transactions
Cash Transactions
Setting up Service Charge
Price Modification
Login With New Employee
Add products to basket
Promotional Discount
Price Modification
Adding a product image
Petty Cash
Downloading a Beta (Test) App
Creating Table Plans
Changing Currency
Easy to use
Basket Sync
Configuring Service Charge
Price Schemes
Eat In / Take Out
Apply Promotional Basket Discounts
Saving Baskets / Tabs
Offline App Functionality
Updating the Shopwave App
£0 Value Baskets and incomplete payments
Quick view product info
Remove product from basket or reduce quantity
Split payment - Multiple transactions
Setup Price Tags on POS